Maksan Endüstriyel Mutfak Ekipmanları


MAKSAN was founded by our company’s shareholder Ercument UYGUN (Mechanical Engineer) in Karabaglar, Izmır and started to manufacture project based industrial kitchens in a 150 m² workshop.


MAKSAN has continued to manufacture project based industrial kitchens in a 850 m² facility which includes a showroom and a sales outlet in Gaziemir.


MAKSAN has aimed to increase the production capacity and moved to a 1800 m² factory on the purpose of covering the rising expectations and demand thanks to the existing production quality and customer satisfaction.


MAKSAN has created the company’s internal quality policy on the production, afterwards has taken the international management quality system certificate ISO 9001:2000 and laid bare the importance given to the subject of quality.


MAKSAN has started to the production of industrial kitchen equipments with adding dishwashers and pizza ovens to the products portfolio in addition to the project based kitchen manufacture. The production quality has rised to the European safety standards with taking the international conformity certificate “CE” for all machines.


MAKSAN has opened a modern factory with 4000 m² enclosed area in October and increased the production capacity, besides has initiated the procedure of planning and institutionalization which will make the quality awareness a focal point with meeting the customers demand from every aspect.


MAKSAN has growth the Sarnic premises with adding 1850 m² enclosed area and placed a fiber optic laser cutting device. In addition, production of bakery ovens and convection ovens has started.


MAKSAN is today a factory with 5850 m² enclosed area which exports dishwashers, convection ovens, pizza ovens and vegetable washer machines to 28 countries worldwide.

  • Giving the necessary importance to education and ensuring the attandance of our employees.
  • Attaining the quality which will create the customer satisfaction with optimum planning.
  • Enhancing our quality management system’s effectiveness continuously.
  • Always making a clean production with the intention of taking care of the environment.
  • Working with high quality performing suppliers with the sense of “High quality products are provided by high quality raw metarials”.
Maksan Endüstriyel Mutfak Ekipmanları