MKF-40E Electric Heated Convection Oven


·         Stainless steel chassis construction
·         Gastronom 2/1 pitch roll-in rack dimension allows you to the cooking of the 40 pieces GN 1/1
·         Highly efficient electric heating system
·         Double-glazed removable door system allows cleaning by the user
·         Cooking cycle starts at the door closing
·         The bottom section contains oil collection chamber
·         Water connection allows you to cooking foods with humidity
·         Functional automatic cooking programs with humidification
·         Safety thermostat is provided for security
·         Interior design provides ease of cleaning
·         User-friendly command interface
·         Height adjustable feet
·         Conformation to international safety standards
·      Motors and fans are manufactured in EU
·         Perfect cooking with the clockwise-anticlockwise fan system
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