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President Of The Gastronomy Association, Shared His Opinions About Maksan MKF DIGI
President Of The Gastronomic Association,

World Gastronomy Institute Delegate,

WorldChefs Committee Member,

Global Jury Member,

and also a book writer, valuable chef Dr. Emrah Koksal Sezgin shared his opinions about Maksan MKF DIGI in World Master Chefs International Gastronomy Festival And Cooking Competition:


"Today I will talk about a digital convection oven produced by Maksan. This product that I have personally tested has great features. The most important thing for me is that it is an inland product and has a convenient price. Let's make mention of its features:


4 trays digital convection oven
Do not mix the smells of different kind of products
Allows creating 50 cooking programs
Possibility of adjusting 6 fan speed
Making pre-heating automatically
A digital convection oven entirely made in Turkey..."
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